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Day One | Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Registration and Continental Breakfast
Co-Chairpersons’ Introduction
Beth Snyder Bulik, Contributing Writer, FIERCEPHARMAMARKETING
Google: Investing in Health, Wellness and Life Sciences
Google’s involvement in healthcare and pharma goes back to its earliest days. Find out out from the company’s head of healthcare how machine learning, Big Data and cloud computing are growing and influencing pharmaceutical marketing. Learn about Google initiatives that are already making an impact.
Megan Danielson, Head of Healthcare, GOOGLE
Drug Development and Innovation in a Pharmaceutical Company
As continuous innovation is one of the defining characteristics of a pharmaceutical company, learn how this ties in with marketing messages as a whole. Explore how drug development is ultimately tied in with marketing, corporate branding and innovation in a pharmaceutical company
Dr. Amit Rakhit, Chief Medical and Portfolio Management Officer, OVID THERAPEUTICS
Networking Refreshment Break
Panel Discussion The Rise of Unbranded: Making It Work for You
It’s no secret that disease awareness campaigns face fewer regulatory restrictions and can give pharma marketers and their agencies more creative freedom along with the chance to be more like consumer marketing. However, unbranded also means no mention of the product. Find out from experts how to create arresting unbranded marketing campaigns that deliver results. Listen to some best-case examples from the industry.

Joe Shields, Senior Director, Global Strategy & Innovation, ASTRAZENECA PHARMACEUTICALS


Graham Goodrich, Vice President, Diabetes Marketing, Boehringer Ingelheim, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM
Aimee Lenar, Vice President of Gastroenterology Marketing, ALLERGAN
Chad Parizman, Head of Social Media and Digital Communications, PFIZER INC.

Pharma Marketing in 2018 and Beyond
After relying on aggregated website data for 20 years, pharma marketers finally have access to individualized data about the online behavior of opted-in HCPs. The way pharma marketers plan, evaluate, and refine their digital marketing strategies is now vastly different to what it was 3 years ago. New technology makes it possible to identify the HCPs who visit your brand websites, as well as the categories of websites they visit across the digital medical ecosystem. This presentation will highlight real-world examples of what these changes mean for pharma marketing in 2018 and beyond.
David Reim, Chief Product Officer, DMD
Networking Luncheon
Day One Tracks | Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Track A: Digital Marketing: The Know-Hows
Track B: Upgrading Traditional Marketing
Panel: Moving Away From Traditional Direct Marketing to Doctors
Thanks to time-crunched and wary physicians, opportunities for pharma sales reps are closing, leaving companies looking for new ways to reach doctors. Find out about innovative frameworks that can help pharma marketing teams enhance strategic thinking. Learn new ways to reach doctors and use data to analyze the most effective methods.
Bryan Cohen, Innovation Fellow, PFIZER
Kevin Guthrie, President, HEALTHLINK DIMENSIONS
Laurence Smith, Global Marketing Executive Director, MERCK
Marketing Off the Beaten Track
TV, print and digital are the price of entry for big drug marketing. But not every campaign has to be a blockbuster and not every medium has to be a costly mainstream vehicle. Where are some of the unexpected places— and the unexpected ways—that pharma companies are marketing their products and their company brands?
Yan Fossat, Senior Vice President, KLICK LABS
Digital Marketing Pilots: Recruiting Life Cycle From Disease Community to Online Clinical Studies
While clinical study recruitment has shifted from traditional to digital in recent years, best practices and most effective tools are still being developed. Hear from the innovative, patient-focused Michael J. Fox Foundation about how to effectively involve disease communities in clinical trials and studies, and understand how patient engagement builds stronger drug development.
Kristin Demafeliz, Senior Associate Director, THE MICHAEL J. FOX FOUNDATION FOR PARKINSON’S RESEARCH
Making the Most of Facetime in a Physician’s Office
Sales reps have a tougher and tougher time getting a foot in the door at physician offices, with a growing percentage of docs requiring appointments, barring samples, or closing their doors altogether. Find out what reps can do to scale those barriers, and how marketers craft materials and presentations that make reps’ limited time with doctors more productive.
Panel: Siri, Alexa and the Case for AI: Best Practices for Pharma
Artificial intelligence is expected to have a huge impact on healthcare in the coming year, with digital assistants, voice-enabled services and customized treatment plans becoming commonplace. Find out how pharma can best use tools like Siri and Alexa as beyond-the-pill help for patients and learn about some of the big opportunities for pharma marketers to use artificial intelligence.
Matthew Balogh, Senior Director, Content Engineering, MELINTA THERAPEUTICS
Stephen Ranjan, Executive Director – Global Marketing, Customer Solutions & Innovation, MERCK
Panel: Choosing the Face of Your Brand
When it comes to picking a figure to represent a product, pharma companies have lots of options. How can companies use spokespeople— or, in some cases, spokescharacters—to get it right, and what are the risks of getting it wrong? This panel will explore what does, and what should, go into the decisions around choosing a face for a pharma brand.
Angela Horstmann, Consumer Lead for US Vaccines, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
Vic Noble, Global, Head of Brand Value, SHIRE
Networking Refreshment Break
Alternate Ways to Reach Doctors When the Door Is Closed
Just because healthcare providers may shut the door to an in-person meeting doesn’t mean pharma companies don’t still need to reach them. Join us to discuss how messaging via digital channels—from in-office point-of-care communications for patients to using EHRs as a marketing tool—works best. Find out how marketers can build channels into home offices and what marketing techniques and educational materials are most effective in that environment.
The Evolution of the MSL
More sophisticated specialty drugs require more complicated sales and launch efforts. Enter the medical science liaison, a key pharma employee today playing a bigger and more integrated role in pharma relationships with healthcare professionals. Find out what’s behind the trend, and how to best employ MSLs.
Dr. Julie Greely, National Director — Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Medical Affairs, ASTELLAS
Case Study Regeneron Virtual Reality
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals wanted people to “see” what it was like to have retinal disease, so they worked with their ad agency to create a virtual and augmented reality app called “In My Eyes.”
Natalie Mancuso, Senior Product Manager, Marketing, REGENERON
Building Internal Branding Before Going Public
Before any external campaigns are created, it’s important to line up internal efforts. Learn the best tactics to help get the most support and understand how to create enticing marketing messages inside your company. Find out from experts how to get colleagues motivated to continue backing older brands.
Shae Maughmer, Senior Director, Global Marketing Hematology, SHIRE
Day One Concludes
Day Two Tracks | Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Track A: Working With New Regulations and Guidelines
Track B: Successful Campaigns
Registration and Continental Breakfast
Panel: Off-Label Marketing: Interpreting the New (and Upcoming) Rules
Off-label marketing is a lightning rod in the industry. Even as pharma has recently prevailed in free-speech legal battles concerning off-label marketing, everyone is wondering what’s next as the FDA continues to review its off-label marketing guidelines. Find out how drugmakers are navigating the new environment and working to get off-label information to physicians and payers.
Anthony Molloy, Esq., Vice President, Legal and Compliance, Deputy General Counsel, PACIRA PHARMACEUTICALS
Case Study Takeda IBD Comics — The Unbeatables
Takeda won kudos for its graphic novel, released in chapters over more than a year, that showed how superheroes battled their IBD. Hear about how this series came about and what results it got.
Elissa Johnsen, Head of Product and Pipeline Communications, TAKEDA
Talking Cents in Pharma? Addressing the Pricing Backlash
With drug pricing in the news regularly and high-deductible insurance plans exposing consumers to the costs of their meds, dollars and cents have become a very real pitfall—or is it an opportunity? Learn how drug marketers are addressing the cost debate, for instance, by earning goodwill with copay assistance programs and discount cards. Find out other ways drugmakers are working to successfully manage the public, and often political, pricing controversy.
Robby Zirkelbach, Executive Vice President, PhRMA
TV: What Is It Good For?
Even as TV viewing audiences decline, television remains the pharma industry’s largest media channel. Find out how and where TV works best for pharma marketing and learn how to increase return on investment with combined TV and digital media strategies. Listen in on the debate: to TV or not to TV?
Networking Break
Value-Based Agreements and Contracts
Outcomes contracts are an up-and-coming trend throughout the industry. Find out how drug pricing is evolving with the onset of value-based agreements and how common these contracts are. Learn from experts about the role pharma plays in value-based agreements.
Sachin Kamal-Bahl, Vice President and Head of the Global Health and Value Innovation Center, PFIZER
Case Study GSK and Meningitis B: Creating a Mom Connection
GlaxoSmithKline faced the dual challenge of raising awareness of meningitis B while also encouraging parents to ask about its branded Bexsero vaccine for teens and young adults. Using a combination of branded and unbranded work, GSK created continuity across both with themes around moms. This case study will address the challenges in marketing vaccines as well as engaging in creative thinking across branded and unbranded advertising.
Angela Horstmann, Consumer Lead for US Vaccines, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
It’s All About the Strategy
Pharma marketing presents particular challenges because of its regulated environment, and effective strategies differ from typical consumer marketing plans. Find out how marketers and their agencies plan within those barriers—and push against them (legally, of course) to optimize creative approaches and find fresh approaches to physicians and patients.
Catherine London, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, BIOASIS TECHNOLOGIES
Diabetes Marketing: Breaking Through in a Crowded Field
This diabetes marketing industry is one of the most competitive in branded drugs. Learn how companies are creating campaigns that make a strong case for their meds over their rivals. Find out how diabetes giants do it—and what other marketers can learn about building their brand awareness in their own competitive spaces.
Stephanie Wenstrup, Head of Consumer Marketing, Cardiovascular and Diabetes, ASTRAZENECA
Networking Luncheon
Day Two | Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Creativity: Going Beyond Bike Rides and Beach Walks
Pharma may be confined by regulations, but that doesn’t preclude creative and compelling work. Explore pharma creativity thinking that goes beyond TV to innovative holistic campaigns that put patients and care at the center.
Panel: Digital Intelligence: Tech Companies Discuss New Tools and Techniques
Pharma digital marketing communications have come a long way, but some companies are still reticent to be first movers when it comes to the latest tools and techniques. Social media and digital experts from big brands in digital tech will discuss and debate the most effective tools pharma should already be using, and reveal the most promising tools on the horizon for building pharma brands online.
Michel Ballard, Head, CONDE NAST HEALTH
Matt Nespoli, Associate Digital Media Director, BUTLER/TILL HEALTH GROUP
Danielle Salowski, Industry Manager, Healthcare, FACEBOOK
Networking Break
Engaging Patients in the Pharma Marketing Process
Patient-centric marketing is a hot buzzword, but what does it really mean for pharma companies? Learn about what marketers do to find and cultivate relationships with patients in their disease areas so that they can get feedback on products and messaging to create more informed campaigns.
Gail Cohen, Vice President, Patient Engagement, ACORDA THERAPEUTICS
Corporate Image and Branding: The Power of Your Own People
Consumers are looking less to advertising and mainstream media and look more to personal recommendations and the internet to make decisions about the doctors they choose and the companies they trust. When looking for the best brand ambassadors, pharma companies should look to engage employees, customers and partners who are equipped with authentic, emotional stories that can generate attention and shape opinions. Find practical ideas and case examples of how to equip these influential stakeholders to inspire perception changes about a brand with relevant and authentic messages.
Shira D’Erasmo, Head of Communications and Marketing, HUMANA
Closing Remarks
Forum Concludes

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